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Our video library features interviews with performing artists about their creative work and lived experiences as well as in-depth conversations on race, aesthetic equity, and equitable approaches to compensation with leading artists and activists in the field.


Through B.L.A.’s new, artist-centered royalty program, each time you rent a video from our library, 40% of the profits will go directly to the artists involved.


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Anti-Racism in Dance Series: Danzacuentos
Bridge Live Arts

Anti-Racism in Dance Series: Danzacuentos

Danzacuentos: Charla Virtual / Virtual Chat Date Recorded: September 17, 2021 / 17 de septiembre 2021 Moderators & Curators: Mario Ismael Espinoza, David Herrera, and Karla Quintero Panelists: Snowflake Calvert, Dulce Escobedo, Marianna Escobedo, Cinthia Pérez Navarro y Lyvan Verdecia The audio interview series Danzacuentos: Voz, Cuerpo, y Raíces provided listeners a window into the diverse experiences of Latinx, Indigenous, and Hispanic artists residing in the US and Mexico. Following their candid interviews, the five series’ artists—Snowflake Calvert, Dulce Escobedo, Marianna Escobedo, Cinthia Pérez Navarro, and Lyvan Verdecia—come together for a bilingual virtual conversation. Moderated by series co-curators David Herrera, Mario Ismael Espinoza, and Karla Quintero, they discuss the significance of sharing their narratives in their own words, grounded in a sense of belonging. In this conversation, they also explore their creative processes and delve into their connections with family, community, Latinidad, and various aspects of their identities. This conversation was presented as part of Bridge Live Arts’ Anti-Rascism in Dance series. La serie de entrevistas Danzacuentos: Voz, Cuerpo, y Raíces ofreció al oyente una ventana a las diversas experiencias de artistas latinx, indígenas e hispanos radicados en Estados Unidos y México. Tras sus sinceras entrevistas, los cinco artistas de la serie -Copo de Nieve Calvert, Dulce Escobedo, Marianna Escobedo, Cinthia Pérez Navarro y Lyvan Verdecia- se reúnen para una conversación virtual bilingüe. Moderada por David Herrera, Mario Ismael Espinoza y Karla Quintero, cocuradores de la serie, hablan sobre la importancia de relatar sus historias en sus propias palabras, desde un sentido de pertenencia. En esta conversación, también exploran sus procesos creativos y examinan sus conexiones a la familia, la comunidad, la latinidad y varios aspectos de sus identidades. Esta conversación se presentó como parte de la Serie de Antirracismo en la Danza de Bridge Live Arts. [Related Links ] Snowflake Calvert - Dulce Escobedo - Marianna Escobedo - Cinthia Pérez Navarro - Lyvan Verdecia - David Herrera - Mario Ismael Espinoza - Karla Quintero - Danzacuentos Audio Series -
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