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Resident Choreographer

Bridge Live Arts' resident choreographer program supports dancemaking as part of our commitment to the wisdom of the body and putting dance in dialogue with the world. The current B.L.A. resident choreographer, Hope Mohr, founded Hope Mohr Dance in 2008 and is a B.L.A. co-director. As part of B.L.A.'s commitment to models of dancemaking rooted in equity and collaboration, we will be expanding the resident choreographer program to include more voices in the near future. Watch this page for updates and opportunities.

Artist Statement

My primary tool in making dance is deconstruction.

I break down movement to get at strangeness and to excavate a voice closer to the bone. I break down movement to push against the traditions of white formalism that have shaped me. I break down movement to create a space where freedom can arise. 


Poetry can unmake the self that culture has made.  Poetry can create space for a self that does not yet exist. When I speak of poetry, I speak of dance. Making a dance feels like doing a million close readings of the body.


I am an activist formalist. This means that I value thinking about subject matter through form. Also that doubt corrodes my forms. I make art to stir up ambivalence, to imagine values other than those of the dominant culture, and to fall into places that scare me.

Headshot of Hope Mohr

Hope Mohr


Hope Mohr (Co-Director, Resident Choreographer) has woven art and activism for decades. In 2007, she founded Hope Mohr Dance. In 2010, she founded HMD's core program, The Bridge Project. In 2020, she co-stewarded the organization's transition to an equity-driven model of distributed leadership. As a dancer, Mohr trained at S.F. Ballet School and on scholarship at the Merce Cunningham and Trisha Brown Studios in New York City. She performed in the companies of dance pioneers Lucinda Childs and Trisha Brown, among others. As a choreographer, Mohr makes work that “conveys emotional and socio-political contents that just ride underneath the surface of a rigorous vocabulary.” (Dance View Times) She was named to the YBCA 100 in 2015. In 2014, Dance Magazine editor-in-chief Wendy Perron named Mohr as one of the “women leaders” in dance. Her book, Shifting Cultural Power, is out now from the National Center for Choreography.

Passionate about pursuing both activism and dance, Mohr earned a J.D. from Columbia Law School. She works as a lawyer at the intersection of the arts and the solidarity economy as a Fellow with the Sustainable Economies Law Center and as the General Manager of Guilded, a cooperative that empowers freelance artists.

Current Projects

Collaboration with visual artist Ranu Mukherjee

Workshops with immigrant and refugee artists are a core part of this project, in partnership with ARTogether (Oakland) and 18th Street Art Center  (LA). Development in residency Winter 2022 with support from 836M Gallery

Nancy (The Poetry Project, NYC)

Collaboration with playwright/poet Maxe Crandall

Resident Choreographer Upcoming Events

  • Ensemble for Nonlinear Time
    Sat, Feb 18
    Feb 18, 7:00 PM PST
    FREIZE LA, 18th Street Art Center, Los Angeles
    Hope Mohr and visual artist Ranu Mukherjee will present Ensemble for Nonlinear Time at FRIEZE LA, in partnership with 18th Street Art Center and Gallery Wendi Norris.
  • The Embodied Mark
    October 2022
    Francisco Studios
    October 2022
    Francisco Studios, 2337 San Jose Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94112, USA
    Hope Mohr and visual artist Tracy Taylor Grubbs will offer a workshop called The Embodied Mark. This workshop puts dance and visual art in conversation through movement improvisation, drawing, and somatic awareness.
  • Fri, Sep 16
    St. Mark's Church
    Sep 16, 2022, 7:00 PM
    St. Mark's Church, 131 E 10th St, New York, NY 10003, USA
    Hope Mohr will choreograph for The Poetry Project's presentation of poet Maxe Crandall's The Nancy Reagan Collection in New York City.
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