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October 2023

Tactics & Tacos

Reimagining Business Models in the Arts

In response to shifting funding priorities, the ongoing economic impact of COVID-19, and increased interest in collectively-led organizations, Bridge Live Arts gathered artists from the community to participate in an interactive, horizontally-led conservation on re-imagining business models in the arts. Inspired by the long table discussion format of the Split Britches model, we engaged with experts and peers in the field on how to navigate financial infrastructures, business mindset, contracts, pay negotiation, and alternative approaches to sustaining our work within the artistic financial ecosystem.

A continuation of B.L.A.'s public dialogue series, Equitable Artist Pay, this conversation builds on questions, ideas, and reflections from the first dialogue on March 10th, 2023. Learn more about the event and our collection of resources affiliated with this series here.


Following the discussion, B.L.A. celebrated with artists in the community to welcome our newest 2023 - 2024 Community Engagement Residency artists, ainsley e. tharp, gizeh muñiz vengel, and Andrea Rodriguez. 

Anchor Participants

To lead the discussion, we invited three artists from the community and one B.L.A. staff member to serve as anchor participants. They helped facilitate and guide the conversation by sharing their own personal experiences and wisdom working in the field.

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